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documentary, biographical, sports / USA, Great Britain / 2020 / 1h 45min

# docs / Bruce Lee / martial arts



The Legend of the Dragon


Bruce Lee has become a pop culture symbol, an icon of kicked cinema and one of the most recognizable masters of martial arts. Thanks to him, many kids fell in love with kung fu and dreamed of waving nunchaku, knocking down their enemies with spectacular spinning back kicks and scaring them with wild shouts. Although Lee’s career lasted only a few years, during this time he managed to make martial arts cinema famous, influence the perception of Asians in Hollywood and create his own philosophy. The life of the legendary Dragon is not only about spectacular blows, inhuman precision and a few film roles. It is also an off-screen battle against racism, discrimination and social barriers.

“Be Water” directed by Bao Nguyen is a moving tribute to the legend of cinema. The production, unlike many similar documentaries, is not a cluster of expert analyzes. It is an intimate story about the life of an exceptional man that every fan and lover of cinema should see. “Be Water” consists primarily of archival interviews with the actor, old recordings, and conversations with family, friends and colleagues who mention Lee. Bao Nguyen avoids the “talking heads” parade characteristic for the documentaries and hands the screen over to charismatic Lee and excerpts from his life.


WORLD PREMIERE: Sundance Film Festival 2020


Age restriction: 12+


director: Bao Nguyen
cast: Linda Lee Cadwell, Diana Lee Inosanto, Jan-Fai Lee, Shannon Lee, Andre Morgan and others
director of photography: Caleb Heller
editor: Graham Taylor
music: Goh Nakamura
language: English
subtitles: Polish