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# docs / Italian cinematography / Cannibal Holocaust / online only



documentary / Brazil / 2019 / 1 h 11 min


Some directors are demanding, some are disturbed, but only one of them has been accused of killing his actors.

“Cannibal Holocaust” was imprinted on our memory as one of the most controversial titles. It was supposed to describe the real-life customs of the people who practice cannibalism. However, among horror fans, it gained the status of being iconic. The film advanced the gore genre, caused many scandals and set a trend for cannibalistic cinema. The very production of this movie gave the director both problems and popularity among gore cinema enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the director does not associate himself with this genre.
In “Deodato Holocaust” Ruggero Deodato tells us of his youth, his oeuvre, spaghetti westerns and Italian Bond and the impact of this renowned work on his life and career. Although he produced such a drastic film, in reality he is a very kind man to whom you listen with pleasure. Even if you do not like gore cinema and images of people being eaten, the interview with this Italian director is a must see.


director: Felipe M. Guerra
screenwriter: Felipe M. Guerra
cast: Ruggero Deodato
cinematography: Maria Galant, Felipe M. Guerra, Lisi Kieling
editor: Felipe M. Guerra
language: Italian, Portuguese, English
subtitles: Polish

WORLD PREMIERE: Fantaspoa 2019

film’s age rate: 16+