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image movie


documentary / 2020 / Poland / 12 min


Short experimental documentary delving into a world of magic, rituals, Norse myths and runes. A philosophical journey into the past in search of the sources of the present. The journey is an excuse to the reflection on a human’s place in the world, his or her relations with nature or the loss of authentic spirituality. Dawid Rudziński’s (an artist, tattooer and musician) narration is accompanied by poetic images of nature contrasting to crude city landscape, in which humans turn their back on nature this in turn, as suggested by the narrator, constitutes the real root of humanity.


director: Konrad Kultys
script: Konrad Kultys
director of photography: Konrad Kultys, Dorota Stolarska
editing: Konrad Kultys
music: Dawid Rudziński
cast: Dawid Rudziński
language: Polish
subtitles: English