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horror, comedy, science fiction / USA / 2020 / 1h 9min

# WTF / absurd / horror / comedy / dermatology / healthcare / ugly monster / blood / mutant / bursting heads / slime / mad scientist / Greg Sestero in a strange hat / abominations / slimy liquids / a lot of deaths



OK! Bring it on! Squeeze me out!


A cyst is a pathological space in the body consisting of chambers filled with fluid or jelly-like content. Yuk! However, “Murderous Cyst” is a pathological, absurd cinema consisting of fun filled with a large number of deaths, blood, mucus and joyful love for the genre. A decent and (not) self-respecting B-class production should have a mad scientist and at least one ugly mutant monster. Luckily, both are on the ward! Doctor Guy wants to create a machine for sucking out all subcutaneous impurities, thereby go down in the history of medicine. Unfortunately, the plan has one minor drawback: the groundbreaking machine has nothing to suck. A small and inconspicuous pimple is definitely not enough to impress a dignified committee. So, the doctor decides to tweak the available cyst, and then move to the procedure. The surgery was successful, but the patient is dead, the cyst has mutated and is running around the ward, and the rest is hardcore that no healthcare service can handle.

Tyler Russell’s production is a moving and shocking story about dermatological disorders and their impact on our private lives… Probably. During the screening of “Killer Cyst” lovers of absurd, sick and obscenely frivolous cinema will have some fun. They will find here everything that class B cinema can give us: crazy laughter, poor acting, strange deaths, breaking the climate, a mockery of schemes, a solid dose of self-awareness and a handful of references to the classics of the genre. And all this completely without a prescription! Before the show, be sure to contact your doctor, pharmacist, psychiatrist, exorcist, Ash Williams or to call Lloyd Kaufman right away.

On the screen we will see, among others, Greg Sestero (known for the iconic “The Room”) in a headdress, which one day might be having a moment. For now, it is having only a moment of dispair.


WORLD PREMIERE: Arrow Video FrightFest 2020


Age restriction: 16+


director: Tyler Russell
screenwriters: Tyler Russell, Andy Silverman
cast: Greg Sestero, Eva Habermann, Jason Douglas, Gene Jones, George Hardy and others
director of photography: Nick Gardner
editor: Jeremy Morrison
music: Sam Lipman
language: English
subtitles: Polish