Clarisse or something about us
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Clarisse or something about us

Clarisse or something about us

drama, fantasy, horror / 2015 / 82 min. /

Sunday (18.09), 20:35 /
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We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone.

Clarisse visits her terminally ill father. When they’re talking by the kitchen table, resentment, anger and the demons of their past are their inevitable companions. The woman recalls her mother whose life was full of bitter experiences because of her husband. Despite Clarisse’s best efforts to establish her own family and fix the relationship with her father, the woman just cannot escape from loneliness.

The universal problem of women whose existence is dominated by the world of men is presented using symbols in an artistic, visually beautiful and dark way. Vivid memories about the dead are brought up by objects, shadows, the woods, blood and dreams.

Directed by: Petrus Cariry
Written by: Rosemberg Cariry, Firmino Holanda, Petrus Cariry
Cinematography: Petrus Cariry
Edited by: Petrus Cariry i Firmino Holanda
Music by: Erico Paiva
Starring: Sabrina Greve, Everaldo Pontes, Veronica Cavalcanti and David Wendefilm
Producer: Teta Maia and Barbara Cariry
Production company: Iluminura Filmes
Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: Polish