Capture Kill Release
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Capture Kill Release

horror, thriller / Canada / 2016 / 95 min. /

Thursday (15.09), godz. 21:30 /
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Romantic bloodshed

Jenn and Farhang are typical yuppies longing for some thrill in their life. In order to fulfill their desires, they decide to commit murder. They have no strong motive for this crime, they do not choose any specific person to be their victim. What matters to them is curiosity, breaking the rules and recording the drama with their video camera. While preparing a precise plan, Farhang has begun to have second thoughts, but his wife is becoming obsessed with the video camera and thirsty for blood.
Shot in the found footage style, the film abounds with distasteful, realistic scenes of violence and shows the extremely dark side of our vain ‘selfie culture’.

Mumblecore: a subgenre of low-budget independent horror film characterized by naturalistic acting and dialogue, often improvised, focused on personal relationships.
Found footage: the film is presented as if it were an amateur, shaky camera work. This technique is frequently used in horror movies.

Directed by: Nick McAnulty, Brian Allan Stewart
Special effects by: Mitchell Stacey
Starring: Jennifer Fraser, Farhang Ghajar, Jonathan Gates, Rich Piatkowski, Christina Schimmel
Producers: Graham Rogers, Ainslee Kennedy, Nick McAnulty, Brian Allan Stewart
Subtitles: Polish