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#fear and terror / mystery / lake house / murders / tension / VHS / ‘80s / violence / sentiment / ripped heads / blood / racism / demons / madness / Polish premiere


thriller, horror / USA / 2021 / 1h21m

Is the evil dead gone yet?

Most of the classic slashers end at the break of dawn, as the last survivor heads towards the rising sun and the painful trauma, dealing with which will at worst disrupt the upcoming sequel. Brave and bruised, the final girl leaves behind (most commonly) a house in a peaceful neighborhood, its lawn currently decorated with mutilated corpses, dispossessed limbs, and gut garlands hanging from the porch… Oh well… just your typical Saturday the 14th. And this is where “Blood Conscious” begins.

Brittney, her brother Kevin and her fiancée Tony plan on spending a short vacation in a lovely cottage by the lake. They crave to kick back and relax in the idyllic surroundings together with the siblings’ parents. At the scene, however, they find their loved ones gruesomely murdered. The only survivor of the mysterious slaughter is an unhinged and dangerous man who claims to have just gotten through an attack of demons. Is he completely insane or a victim in a horror of his own? The gut feeling tends to lean against trusting a tramp with a shotgun. As the sun sets, though, and the area falls eerily silent, the protagonists begin to doubt their own common sense – and each other. No one can be sure what is the thing that comes at night.

Timothy Covell, the man behind the camera and the screenplay, provides the viewer with an unusual film experience. His “Blood Conscious” compels us to let our guard down by flaunting a low budget in its first scenes. The production, permeated thoroughly by a climate of the imperfect yet iconic horrors of the 80s, will ignite the passion of genre veterans and bring back some sentimental memories, only to then immerse us in an ambiguous story filled with questions, doubts, and mutual accusations. The terrified protagonists might seem to have lost their minds along with the cell phone signal, yet, they have found themselves in a situation where the atmosphere constantly thickens. No one, not even their loved ones, can be trusted.

directed by: Timothy Covell
screenplay: Timothy Covell
starring: DeShawn White, Oghenero Gbaje, Lenny Thomas, Nick Damici, and others
cinematography: Sung Rae Cho
editing: Timothy Covell
music: Sam Tyndall, Akari Uchiyama
language: English
subtitles: Polish

WORLD PREMIERE: Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival 2021

Age restriction: 16+