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horror / Italy / 2017 / 15′
20.09 (Wednesday) / 3:00 PM / Sala Kinowa / ADMISSION FREE

It’s night. A snappy nurse is wandering around the nursing home. She moonlights selling prescription drugs to addicts and stealing from her patients. The only thing she hates more than her job is old people. When she enteres the room no. 12, which is occupied by three sisters, she discovers that one of them celebrates her 100th birthday. If so, there must be a gift somewhere.

direction: Alberto Viavattene
script: Luca Aimeri
direction of photography: Sandro de Frino
editing: Alberto Viavattene
music: Enrico Ascoli
cast: Roxane Duran, Sydne Rome, Stewart Arnold, Viola Sartoretto, Giulia Luna Mazzarino, Stella Clozza, Erika Piroscia, Alina La Costa, Loredana Armanni
producers: Claudio Bronzo, Lorenzo Lotti, Alessandro Regaldo
production: Indastria Film, Grey Ladder
rightsholder: Lighst On
language: English
subtitles: Polish